Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Foxspot now has a block three!

Today we found ourselves in town enjoying a street skate. The skate took us to Fox Spot which is a simple skate spot with a waxed block and some decent flat smooth ground. There has been some chat amongst some skateboarders about taking off the rail to reveal a gnarley block three step at foxspot and out of the blue that's what we did today. There was three of us, Snowman ,Shimmin and I all helped to move the railing. We didn't intentionally plan to take the railing off but we spotted some bmxers battering about so we asked to borrowed an adjustable spanner and it did the job, within no time the bolt were off and the skate was on.

Tom Shimmin: Kickflip( which is shiftyed to hell) and a sickk boooonned ollie.